About us

"Akords-3" was founded in year 1994. From the very beginning the company was engaged in water pipe and drainpipe repairing, heating plant manufacturing and mounting and also managing other plumbing works.

In the year 2006 “Akords-3” profiled their main business to metal processing by ensuring professional semi-automatic welding devices, metal cleaning devices, airless painting devices, bending and guillotine device.

Form year 2006 “Akords-3” starts to manufacture metal constructions and their components for production and building objects including containers (for chippings, woodchip, scrap-metal, debris and home garbage ), platforms for technique carriage, metal doors, balcony and ladder railings, metal fences, ovens a.o.

The main goal for “Akords-3” is a individual approach to every client, project by contributing profitable and qualitative collaboration.

Metal working and manufacturing prices are dependent to each individual order, material assortment and the works complexity level.